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Creative juices flowing
From the inside to the outside
Speaking soft
Now talk louder, crank it up
Hear the sound
See it flowing through your veins
Through your eardrums, through your heart
It doesn't stop
Now see the blue, red, orange, green
In your bloodstream, let it flow
Goes in and out
Out and into your mind
Out to the world
For all the earth to see
The green, the blue, the young and old alike
From red to yellow- Go, the green light
Speak your words, actions louder
Doesn't even matter, just follow it through
'Cause a lesson learned is a dollar earned
For your mind, for life, so don't hang your head
Love comes and goes, it ebbs and flows
Like friendships, fun, and all that's gold
Just ride your path and don't slow down
Don't stop, don't wait, don't change yourself
Have fun, keep going
'Cause the minute you stop is when the juices quit flowing
Don't stop


Freedom For A Dollar

Sell your body for a nickel,
Sell your soul for a dime
Sell your conscience for a quarter
And you'll make it there on time

Read the paper in the morning
Watch the TV in the night
As you lay in your bed mourning,
You are now controlled with fright

Cheer your country, help the troops
And don't ever question why
Keep on running in these loops
And you'll never see the lie

Now your hopes and dreams have shrunk
And you can't take off your collar
As your liberties have sunk,
You've sold your freedom for a dollar


Just Stay on Track and If You're Lucky You'll Get Hit By A Train

Human minds quarantined in a maximum security prison full of criminal thoughts... Full-frontal television lobotomy... Carpal tunnel pain chisels through your keyboard and befriends the latest virus, the product of another desolate hacker taking pleasure in causing misfortune for the outside world in which he has never played a role... Four wheels times countless cars equals perishing environment; just so you can get to the office on time and waste your life and thoughts away on nothing and no one for a slip of paper at the end of another two weeks... Punching numbers into the machine, don't forget to punch yourself in with them, your life is no more important than the three-digit number on your paycheque that will get you by and cushion the sofas of the unneedy... The clock's repulsive hand strikes the hour you have been awaiting, time to leave this place, time to put this all behind; tomorrow will be different, tomorrow you will smile again... No you won't; shut up, sit down, don't try to change this. You are nothing, it's hopeless.



Trapped in a box
Between two other boxes
Outside all you see
Are rolling balls of pollution
And more boxes
There used to be some open space
But there's no room for space
Travel on the tightrope
There's nowhere else to go
Breathe in the grey air
That blocks out the sun
Free to roam wherever you please
How 'bout the tightrope
In front of that box
Try not to fall


My Sinister Demise

Love falls under a blackened bridge
Made dark by the burning fire that once lit it so gloriously
The same way the stars would once light up the sky
And the shining moon was a sight to behold
The same way that there used to be a God
Who could deliver us from the horrific evil
That has torched the once-sturdy bridge
And killed all the flowers beneath
That had grown from seeds of a hope now perished
In the days when I used to see smiles
In the days when buds would blossom in the spring
While sunshine melted away the cold, unforgiving winter
But the sunshine can no longer be seen
Oh great ruin, thy will be done
On earth as it is in hell
This darkness is now the only option
This darkness is my only friend
This darkness is all I have left to covet
Because only darkness can lead me to the end