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Stagnant Prayers

Your mother's crying
Pray for her, pray
Your world's dying
Pray for it, pray

You have a chance
Pray instead, pray
You could fix it
Pray instead, pray

Everything's wrong
Pray hard now, pray
Nothing's better
Pray harder, pray

Because you prayed
And didn't try
You only prayed

Now judgement day
Your only hope
You will be spared
God doesn't show

You pray for him
To take your soul
You've been so good
You've paid your toll

Then finally,
But it's too late,
You realize
Your empty fate

There is no God
You have no soul
You grew your life
In salted soil


Sweet Misery

Oh, sweet misery
I fall into your arms again
Your embrace is ever so comforting
Oh, sweet misery
I hate you
Almost as much as I love you
Oh, sweet misery
Always by my side
Even when I've told you to leave me
Oh, sweet misery
Your touch has turned me cold and grey
Like a full moon on a winter's eve
Oh, sweet misery
Hold me tight
As I die in your arms tonight


The Darkness That Awaits

Foresight of oblivion
Tables turning round and round
Until they're back your way again
Awaiting the end of light
You see the windows getting clearer
But then it's night and they're black again
Blueprint for your suicide
The thoughts keep coming back
Next time 'round you'll be ready to act
Crucifix floats in your sight
As you remember all the false hopes and promises
And grin at the thought of Christ dripping blood
Black clouds gather
Lightning strikes
Rain falls down and down and down
Helps you take yourself away
To the darkness that awaits you
When it's over


Tombstone Diploma

Circle the serpents
That prey on the lamb
Float on my black cloud
And fall to the fire beneath
Shoot for the graveyard
Leave your life in the fog
I tempt you, eat the fruit
From the forbidden tree
That will poison you slowly
Let the pain carry you away
Away with me on my black cloud
To the void that swallows you whole
Let me drag you down to my world
Breathe in the thick smoke
Put your hands on the fire
I will tear you apart
And you will never be pieced back together
Rearranged, lost, deranged
Sinking deeper
Please come die with me


Two-Leaf Clover

You'll pick me up
And let me down
You'll leave me lying
On the ground

There I will stay
Lonely and hurt
I'm on the ground
I'm in the dirt

For you to stomp
And walk all over
I'm nothing but
A two-leaf clover

One less than the rest
Two short of your dream
Just know that I'm more
Than what I may seem