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Ugly Butterfly

Silicone priestess on the cover of the magazine
Smiling her phoney Hollywood smile
That spreads like the wings of a butterfly across her face
A little girl sees the magazine on the shelf
And says to herself "I wish I was that pretty"
She spends all her money on make-up and tight clothes
To look like the model on the magazine
But it's still not enough to make her look like that
As pretty as the young girl is, she feels hideous
She thinks that no one would ever want her imperfect self
Realizing she'll never look like that model
She no longer sees any hope
The little girl takes her own life
While the model from the cover of the magazine
Sits at home smoking the cigarette that will replace her next meal
And thinking "I wish I was as pretty as I look on that cover"
It was the lighting and the airbrush
That made her look so perfect
If only the little girl had known...
It was her that was truly beautiful


Wayward Carnage

Militant mastery
Contraband consent
Citizen slavery
Front-line fodder
Puppeteers pulling
Strings stretching
Tears trickling
Revolutionists revolt
Shackled in shame
Brother bombs brother
Apathetic afterthought
Retreat, repeat
We all fall down


When Darkness Outshined Light

I had this dream
Where the world turned grey
All color and beauty was drained from my eyes
I had this dream
Where everyone went away
There was nobody left to judge my disguise
I had this dream
Where there was night but no day
Everything slept and would never arise
I had this dream
Where everything died
And when I awoke the sun burned a tear in my eye


Where Everything Ends

The voices start shouting
Echoing off every side of your skull
It is a warning call
Your veins pulsate
To the rhythm of a hammer in your head
Blood begins to seep out like cold sweat
From every pore in your body
Squirting out your eyes
But they are seen to you as tears
Tears from inside
Everything is leaking
Your heart pumps its last ounce
Your brain thinks its last thought
Chaos surrounds
And it all falls apart and destructs
In an agonizing sequence
Flash, shout, flash, scream, flash, stop
Then your whole world is black
This is where everything ends



People crowding
They don't know me
Speaking briefly
Then forgetting
Listening, one ear
Ignoring it
No more than that
Off on their ways
And off on mine
To nowhere and
To no one as
They talk and love
They share secrets
But not with me
Now I am gone
Like a feather
Blown in the wind
I'm left behind
Without a trace
I wasn't there
I never was
I don't exist
I never did

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