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One by One

I hide my flower behind my back in shame
As its petals fall off one by one
You asked me to come with you far away but I stayed
To hold this flower all by myself
I had a chance to escape but I remained
To cradle this dying flower in my hands
I know I would be happier with you
But I continue to sit in the dirt
With the last flower I will ever hold
As its petals fall off one by one



When my eyelids closed I flew off to a land of sorrow
I pushed my way through a thick, dark forest
Where there stood one tree for every mistake I'd ever made
The memories made me dig my fingers into my brain
Then out in the clear, a storm cloud formed
In the exact shape and color of my own blue eye
And drops of saliferous rain began to fall
I made my way out to a ghastly red river
That was flowing with blood from all the times I'd hurt myself
Sitting on the river was a wooden canoe
For all the people who had bled for me
But no one cared to ride; the canoe sat empty
I crossed the river on a swaying bridge
And found a brilliant pink field in the shape of a heart
But a glass wall raised in front of my face
To stop me so that I could only observe
I turned back to the bridge and crossed it again
I walked along the beach, where the sand was made of coal
Beside the deep, red river and the thick, dark forest
The view was so daunting, so painful... so beautiful
And I continued to walk


Quietus in Bloom

A young woman takes a walk in the middle of the night
To escape the insomnia that's killing her
Sleeping is the only way she gets any peace
Before she wakes up to dread another day
And tonight there will be no peace
She heads back to her bed and walks past a tattered doll lying limp on the floor
It was tossed aside with her innocence
When her childhood slipped away
It's too bad we have to grow less mature with age
A young man walks through a crowded hall
Hiding himself away behind an invisible mask
He is not always alone, but he is always lonely
And always in a hurry, rushing off to nowhere
Diagnosed with no time to enjoy his life
By the omnipotent Dr. Clock
We were once all budding flowers, full of colour and life
How uncivilized our modern lifestyle has made us
Running in a maze of exploitation and fallacies
I sit here and ponder these things
But try not to contemplate my own life
Because past memories are too painful
And my very existence has less meaning than it did the day before
Still the future holds no hopeful promise
I sit here and ponder
While drops of acid rain burn our flowers away
On this dark autumn night



When you were around
We had so much fun
The best days of my life
Now seem to be done

Those were simpler times
That are never coming back
I've never been the same without you
If only you could return and unpack

We'd hang out like old times
We would have a blast
And I could finally tell you
How awesome you are, at last

Remember the time I spilled the glue?
And all the hockey we'd play?
I'm sorry for the times I fought with you
And the last game, when in the snow you lay

Never to get back up again
I remember being so scared
Paralyzed and shaking with fear
I just stood at the window and stared

Remember when they took you away?
I waited and waited while nothing was said
And then the phone rang at suppertime
And I found out that you were dead

That night I dreamed my normal dream
You were there, then my mind went black
It sunk in right then and there
That you were never coming back

At the service I had nothing to say
The only one who held it in with the tears
The last one to speak to you alive
But words had no use if they could not bring you here

You told me about heaven
And how great it would be
I don't know how to say this
But I no longer believe

I try to always remember you
Some nights I cried myself to sleep
But memories are hard to feed
And they seem to fade away while we weep

Which is why I wrote this poem
So I can always remember the way I felt
You were the best damn friend I ever had
But now I must continue with the cards that I've been dealt